Dinan 21mm Adjustable Rear Anti-Roll Bar for BMW M5 E60 M6 E63 M6 E64

Dinan 21mm Adjustable Rear Anti-Roll Bar for BMW M5 E60 M6 E63 M6 E64


Dinan tuned anti-roll bar is built and tuned specifically for each BMW chassis. Lowering the amount of body roll keeps your BMW more level than stock to improve mechanical grip, while still allowing just enough body roll. This gives the driver a much more planted and confident feeling in every corner.

21mm Adjustable Rear Anti-Roll Bar may be added to the Stage 1 Suspension System for those who wish to build their high performance suspension in phases. This to improve grip and stability by reducing body roll. Adjustable with 3 positions on the bar for easy adjustment.


  • Less Body Roll
  • More Mechanical Grip
  • More Stable At Limit
  • Adjustable – 3 positions on bar


Designed for use with Front Roll Control System for proper balance for cars with less than 30mm difference between the front and rear tyre width.


What is the difference between an anti-roll bar and a sway bar?

Nothing. It is common for enthusiasts to drop the "anti" when talking about roll or sway bars.

Doesn't a stiffer bar limit more body roll?

Yes, however this can be taken too far. A bar that is too stiff will limit body roll too much so that not enough weight is transferred to the outside wheels to add to mechanical traction. Beware of the overly stiff anti-roll bars sold in the aftermarket.

Models supported by D120-0491
  • 2006-2010 BMW M6 Coupe
  • 2006-2010 BMW M5 Sedan
  • 2007-2010 BMW M6 Convertible
Product Specifications:
Labor Hours/Installation Hours 0.70
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