Dinan Supplemental Ride Quality & Handling Kit for BMW F30 340i (RWD & xDrive)


SKU: D193-3201-F30/340i

All orders will include an AutoTalent window decal
Special Note: Installation labor time 7.8 hrs (RWD with alignment) if supplemental ride quality & handling kit is installed by itself. 
Installation labor time will be negligible if installed at the same time as the corresponding Dinan Spring Set.
Product Description

 Dinan supplemental ride quality and handling kits amplify performance and comfort when paired with performance spring sets. 

NOTICE: Dinan Performance Spring sets should be purchased and installed with the corresponding Ride Quality and Handling Kit to achieve the advertised ride height, performance, and ride quality. While not explicitly required, if the matching component is not purchased and installed you will get less than favorable results in the form of poor ride quality and improper handling traits. 

Models Supported by Dinan Supplemental Ride Quality & Handling Kit for BMW F30 340i (RWD & xDrive)

  • 2016-2018 340i & xDrive F30 Sedan 
Product Specifications
Included Notes 2 front bump stops, 2 rear bump stops
Required Items Highly Recommended: D100-0931 - Performance Spring Set for BMW F30 340i (RWD) (see product description for details).