Eisenmann Cat-Back Exhaust System - Mercedes W204 C250, C250 CGI Facelift 2008-2014

Exhaust System


Connecting Pipe + Intermediate Muffler + Rear Muffler.

Eisenmann's engineers are responsible for designing the OEM systems seen on cars, and use this experience to design the best performance exhaust systems in the world. Eisenmann's performance exhausts are built by hand from start to finish to create an old world craftsmanship simply not available with other exhaust manufacturers.

Construction of nearly all Eisenmann exhaust systems, both externally and internally, is 100% light weight T304/T306 stainless steel throughout. The design of each and every system, from tube configuration and size to muffler and box dimensions, are meticulously calculated and optimised to provide maximum performance at all revs, drawing on Eisenmann's vast Motorsport experience.


This exhaust may require modifications to the rear bumper for proper fitment!
For cars equipped with AMG Body Kit
Ec Type Approval Certificate!


  • Light Weight
  • Easy to Install
  • Stainless steel
  • Better Performance


    • 2008 Mercedes W204 C250
    • 2009 Mercedes W204 C250
    • 2010 Mercedes W204 C250
    • 2011 Mercedes W204 C250
    • 2012 Mercedes W204 C250
    • 2013 Mercedes W204 C250
    • 2014 Mercedes W204 C250
    • 2008 Mercedes W204 C250 CGI Facelift
    • 2009 Mercedes W204 C250 CGI Facelift
    • 2010 Mercedes W204 C250 CGI Facelift
    • 2011 Mercedes W204 C250 CGI Facelift
    • 2012 Mercedes W204 C250 CGI Facelift
    • 2013 Mercedes W204 C250 CGI Facelift
    • 2014 Mercedes W204 C250 CGI Facelift


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