Eventuri Black Carbon Fiber Intake System For BMW E9X M3

VENDOR: Eventuri


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The BMW E9X M3 Eventuri intake system is the result of extensive research and optimization which improves possibly one of the best-designed stock intake systems we have seen. The E9X stock airbox system is a brilliantly designed intake with an excellent flow path and feed system for ambient air. However, on closer inspection, there are restrictions in the inlet tube connecting the airbox to the inlet manifold. By redesigning the tube yet maintaining the airbox, we have been able to allow the V8 engine to breathe with greater efficiency and therefore gain power. In addition to the new tube design, we also identified a further restriction in the air feed system. To overcome this we designed a scoop to allow an increase in airflow through the airbox. This reduces inlet temperature values further and adds to the performance gain of the system. 


  • Perfect Shape and Design
  • Patent Pending intake housings made from 100% Prepreg Carbon Fibre
  • Aluminum inlet cowlings
  • High Flow Cotton Mesh Filters
  • 100% Prepreg Carbon Fibre Tubes
  • Laser Cut Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets
  • High-Quality Silicone Couplers with OEM spec clamps
  • Performance Gain: 8-10hp, 10-12ft-lb
  • Performance Gain Road Dyno (Insoric): 16hp, 14Nm
  • IAT Difference with Ambient: Stock 7.5C: Eventuri 4.5C
  • V-Box Acceleration: 100-200kph Reduced By 0.3 Seconds
  • Perfect fitment

                  Performance Graph:

                  Dyno tests were carried out showing a consistent gain of approximately 9hp and 11ft-lb of torque. The gain is not just at the peak but throughout the RPM range. This translates on the road to increased part throttle and full throttle response with the car pulling much more eagerly to the redline. The testing was done on the same day back-to-back and temperatures were monitored to ensure consistency. The car was tested firstly with the stock intake - hood closed. We then left the car on the dyno and installed the Eventuri. The car was then run again - hood closed. Several runs were carried out with both configurations to get a consistent result.

                  Vehicle Fitment:

                  • 2008-2013 BMW E90 M3
                  • 2008-2013 BMW E92 M3
                  • 2008-2013 BMW E93 M3


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