Pure Turbos Performance Pure800 Upgrade Turbo For Toyota Supra MK5


SKU: MK5-Supra

All orders will include an AutoTalent window decal
Optional Core Deposit
Optional Install Kit


Our latest Pure Turbo Upgrade provides you a lightning-quick response with even more neck-snapping torque and horsepower that will transform your already mighty Mercedes into a true supercar.

Constructed of billet aluminum, our larger impeller wheel is CNC machined and flows significantly more air. The lightweight impeller design and latest machining technology result in very short spool up times and great overall power. When you lean into the throttle, a smooth burst of speed plants you firmly in your seat and pulls strong throughout the entire rev-range. No added turbo lag and no drama, just pure exhilaration, unlike anything you have felt before.


  • Pump Gas and meth 630whp

  • Race gas and meth 672whp
  • Stock engine, stock trans with our PURE800 turbo, downpipe, and tune making almost 700whp. More to come
  • Low boost around 20psi made 559whp, 552whp, and 527whp.

    Vehicle Fitment:

    • 2020 Toyota Supra MK5


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