RennTech Aero Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser Attachments For Mercedes-Benz C190 AMG GT R 2018-2019

VENDOR: RennTech


All orders will include an AutoTalent window decal


These RennTech rear diffuser attachments create an all new aggressive and functional aesthetic for the rear of the C190 - AMG GT R. The design and engineering teams at RennTech HQ spent countless hours fine tuning the part to perfectly compliment the AMG GT R exterior while improving the underbody airflow.

Each side is constructed from 100% pre-preg carbon fiber that make up the diffuser improvments. The diffuser attachments are desinged to achieve the best possible aerodynamic result in combination with the RennTech Aro Package for the AMG GT R. The full package of aero parts for the AMG GT R includes Front Canards, Sider Rocker Panels, Diffuser Attachments and Rear Lipp Attachment.

The diffuser assembly also features a unique acrylic coating process which protects the carbon fiber from any harmful UV and humidity degradation. This acrylic coating is applied inside and out to ensure full coverage and protection, unlike any other coating process. Once the acrylic coating is cured, the part is then covered using a high end automotive clear coat to create a beautiful gloss finish.. 


This diffuser is designed to fit the C190 - AMG GT and GT S Model year 2015 and up

Modifications to the OEM rear bumper are not necessary, installs with 3M double-sided automotive tape


  • High-quality prepreg carbon fiber construction is finished
  • Provide best possible aerodynamic result
  • Offers a more aggressive, stand-out look
  • Durability and stunning good looks
  • Improving the underbody airflow
  • Full coverage and protection
  • A beautiful gloss Finish
  • Perfect design

    Vehicle Fitment:    

    • 2018 Mercedes-Benz C190 AMG GT R 
    • 2019 Mercedes-Benz C190 AMG GT R 


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