Ryft Catless Downpipe For Ferrari Pista

VENDOR: Ryft Exhaust


All orders will include an AutoTalent window decal


Supercar manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Porsche and many more, all take a lot of pride in the vehicle they produce. Although most supercars are nearly perfect, all of them can become even better with the help of aftermarket exhaust systems. The problem is finding an aftermarket exhaust system which delivers great sound, superb quality, unique design, and exclusivity.

Ryft is a new company aiming to change the exotic car aftermarket by providing low product run, high-quality exhaust systems with new designs. Where most aftermarket exhaust systems are near clones of each other, Ryft is completely different. They separate themselves from other exhaust companies by fully hand building their exhaust systems and using a 100% Titanium construction for the majority of their products.

Their unique “Velocity Loop” design produces a unique, loud, and clean exhaust note which isn’t typically found with most exhaust systems. Drastic reductions in weight & huge increases in power are both substantial improvements you will feel with RYFT. It increases power and leads to weight reduction. Producing their exhaust systems in small production runs guarantees exclusivity and separates your supercar from the rest. For exotic car owners who want a truly unique, high-quality, high-performance, handmade exhaust system, Ryft is the perfect solution.


      • 100% Titanium
      • 100% Artisan Crafted
      • Hand-made construction
      • Proprietary Velocity Loops
      • 25lbs lighter compared to stock exhaust
      • T304 Stainless Without Cats
      •  High-quality, high-performance

          Vehicle Fitment:

          • 2019 Ferrari Pista Coupe
          • 2020 Ferrari Pista Coupe
          • 2019 Ferrari Pista Coupe
          • 2020 Ferrari Pista Coupe
          • 2019 Ferrari Pista Spyder 
          • 2020 Ferrari Pista Spyder 


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