Active Autowerke Aluminum Charge pipe Kit For Bmw 135, 335 N55 2010-2013

VENDOR: Active AutoWerke

SKU: 15-001

All orders will include an AutoTalent window decal


The Active Autowerke N55 Charge Pipe has a proper provision for this specific application. A boss with two separate ports are provided upstream where the injected mix of water/methanol can properly atomize before entering the engine. The thread depths for the water/methanol nozzles are also checked to allow for a proper spray pattern without hitting the inside walls of the threaded holes.

The Active Autowerke N55 Charge Pipe is a designated product designed from inception to cure and eliminate this problem on your BMW.
Constructed from all aluminum makes this charge pipe almost indestructible. The connection to the throttle body is a CNC machined part to duplicate the factory fit as well making a tight, reliable seal. The BMW N55 engine does not utilize external diverter valves like it's N54 predecessor. Rather, the BMW N55 has diverter valves that are built inside the engine turbo compressor housings and no in the charge pipe. As such, there are no provisions to add larger BOVs.


The factory throttle clip is not included with the N55 Charge Pipe.


  • Specific design to correct a problem
  • Consistent 3.00" tubing for increased performance 
  • Increase throttle response and decrease throttle lag
  • CNC machined throttle housing for a poper seal
  • Retains factory BMW O-Ring seal 
  • Provision of raised boss for 2 Water/Methanol nozzles
  • Black powder coated for that OEM look

                                    Vehicle Fitment:

                                    • 2010 Bmw 135 N55
                                    • 2011 Bmw 135 N55
                                    • 2012 Bmw 135 N55
                                    • 2013 Bmw 135 N55 
                                    • 2010 Bmw 335 N55 
                                    • 2011 Bmw 335 N55 
                                    • 2012 Bmw 335 N55 
                                    • 2013 Bmw 335 N55


                                                            Images are for representation purpose only and may differ depending on application.