IPD Intake Plenum for Porsche 955 Cayenne Turbo 02-06


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955 Cayenne Turbo:

The very successful Cayenne was Porsche's solution for driving enthusiast who needed to carry additional passengers and cargo but didn't want to sacrifice driving excitement.

The IPD plenums provide great bolt on power for all late model Porsche applications but they work exceptionally well with all Porsche Turbos models, and the Cayenne Turbo is no exception.

955 Cayenne Turbo (02-06) IPD Plenum:

The IPD Cayenne Turbo plenum has a revised diversion area and larger inlet openings that further optimizes intake air speed and volume. This more efficient design provides substantial power increases of an additional 30+ horsepower and 32+ foot pounds of torque.

The Cayenne Turbo Plenum performance gains are throughout the entire power curve and provide additional power that can be felt in the "seat of your pants".

The factory plastic intakes are also prone to cracking, especially with Cayenne Turbos producing higher boost levels. The IPD Plenum will not crack and will handle the highest of boost levels.

The IPD Plenum utilizes all the factory hardware including the OE 76mm throttle body. The only thing more impressive than the substantial power gains provided by the IPD Cayenne Turbo plenum is how easy they install.


  • Impressive performance gains
  • Smooth and linear power
  • Quicker boost response

Vehicle Fitment:

  • 2002 955 Cayenne Turbo 
  • 2003 955 Cayenne Turbo 
  • 2004 955 Cayenne Turbo
  • 2005 955 Cayenne Turbo
  • 2006 955 Cayenne Turbo


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